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Komodo National Park
05-02-2016, 06:24 PM,
Komodo National Park
The Komodo National Park is located around a large area of water and a number of islands including the three main islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar. Located in the southern band of islands in the Indonesian archipelago, Komodo can be found situated between Sumbawa and Flores in the centre of the band and offers great spectacles both on these incredible dry islands and beneath the waters around some of the most biologically diverse marine habitats in the world. The Komodo National Park is perhaps most famous for the gigantic and ferocious Komodo Dragons which can be found on both islands and are an incredible sight. Endemic only to these three islands of the world these large beasts are a rare thing. As well as this there are also a number of other species exclusive to this tiny area of the world such as the giant rats (which appear more like giant Ginny pigs) and the remains of extinct tiny human forms as well as other oddly sized animals. This is due to phenomena known as the small island effect whereby animals usually become extremely large or extremely small in competition with each other within a highly competitive environment of limited resources.

The Komodo National Park is now a World Heritage Site and as well as a Man and Biosphere Reserve of the UNESCO who are fighting to protect this invaluable area of natural beauty. Species’ visible in the Komodo National Park including the Giant Komodo rats, the Timor Deer and the Orange-footed Scrub Fowl before even considering the vast coral reefs teeming with life all around the area with 1000s of species of fish and 260 reef building corals even in a single bay. Dugongs, sharks, over 14 species of whale, dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles are among some of the more impressive creatures in these waters.

Unfortunately, Komodo National Park, like so many protected area of the world the Komodo National Park faces a collection of threats such as the rising pressure in forest cover and the water grid, an 800% increase in human population over the last 60 years, the obvious problems of Timor Deer and Komodo Dragons living on the same islands but as well as this natural interaction there is also a great deal of poaching and highly destructive dynamite fishing as well as pollution from all sorts of sources. These problems stem from a lack of education in environmental issues as well as the developing nature of the people living these countries who often have no choice but to carry out these activities to feed there families. There are however constant attempts to educate and support these local people channelling their incredible potential into other methods of making a living and with the rise in Eco tourism in the area of the Komodo National Park, there are more and more jobs that promote the importance of protecting these areas for instant financial gratification which is a complete turn around.
07-27-2016, 05:12 PM,
RE: Komodo National Park
Pulau komodo memang luar biasa dan merupakan habitat komodo yang paling cocok

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